Why Freeflight Productions?

We focus on commercial campaigns. Messaging is key; and to discover how to reach your perfect client, we research, strategize, write copy, and build engagement through the use of social platforms, web design, video, ad buys etc.

Web Design

We aren't trying to build you a new website, but you need one that satisfies the need of your client and purpose of you business. If it doesn't do that, we can build one that will.

Landing Pages

When you are discovered, do you have a tool in place to help your client meet their needs? If not, we will build you a full system that can create life long clients.

Social Media

Are you set up on all channels that will maximize your outreach? Also if you are, is your messaging consistent with your brand? Are you driving traffic to your goal?


Can we look at your collateral and see you and or your company...colors, font, imagery style, messaging?


It's a fact that video draws in more attention and engagement, especially when marketed correctly! Are you using this medium to deliver your message?


Are your images professionaly crafted to get you the most attention towards youm your product or service? Yes, a phone can output great imagery, but in a professional space, the imagery looks like it came from a phone...